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A network of connected virtual and physical cloud servers hosts the application or website by ensuring greater, flexibility and scalability.


VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting offers you excellence in performance, reliability, and speed. shared hosting puts a lot of constraints that affect your speed, space RAM, and website traffic. Through VPS, all these issues are addressed and you take full control of your server.

ixoraDC provides you affordable VPS solution without making any compromise on quality and performance. As the best in the field, we work hard to offer affordable costing for our clients and help them to get state of art services and enhance their digital footprints. As it comes to resources, features and other avenues, our cheap VPS hosting is less and very much affordable as it costs less than a dedicated server hosting.

While VPS hosting offers the performance, control, flexibility, and security of a dedicated server, it costs only that of a shared hosting server. We work towards lending a helping hand for the business to get a fine digital infrastructure as per their budget.

ixoraDC offers you a different range of Linux/Windows VPS hosting plans that could be modified in accordance with your business requirement. By opting for the best Linux/Windows VPS hosting plans, you could stay ahead in the market. The scalability, power, robustness, and control are possible only with the cloud and that is being tendered by the Cloud VPS solution. ixoraDC offers all sorts of cloud VPS hosting solutions from a single server to a load-balanced solution to websites at an affordable price.

VPS Hosting Features


You could start from scratch and expand to a potent VPS as the case may be. We could upgrade your plan with our affordable hosting prices as per your requirement.

High security

Need not to have any concerns regarding unauthorized access. As there is a separate OS, no other services could interfere with your confidential files.

Excellent speed

We assure you with a high loading speed of your applications with the server getting recognized soon within a few seconds

Solitary control/Root access

We offer complete administrative access i.e. Root access with every server to facilitate entire customization of the server environment based on your needs.

24X7 Support system

Our support team works 24X7 and is at your disposal via Live Chat and our helpdesk to help you with your hosting service, whenever the requirement is there.

99.98% server uptime

Your server would be backed up by our 99.9% uptime guarantee. All our VPS are set up in a completely redundant infrastructure with 100% power availability.

Why ixoraDC VPS?


Scalability is very much significant that ascertain the anticipated positive thrust in the business. Our resilient data center swiftly aligns with the requirements of our clients in terms of bandwidth, storage, network speed.


ixoraDC has enterprise-grade servers with upgradeable RAM and storage technology to empower your websites with services and frequently back up the increase in traffic demands.


As security is a foremost and integral part of any application, ixoraDC secures your servers managed firewalls for better security of your websites with services. Our DC has high network security.

High speed & Availability

For high speed and availability, our VPS uses the latest hardware and the best network, ixoraDC also offers you a high loading speed of your webpage with services with getting recognized instantly within a few seconds.

Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated hosting is a website hosting arena that offers the highest level of resource allocation, privacy, and control. Dedicated servers are fully isolated from one another, so users could get complete access to configure their server any way they want without affecting another user or being affected by the actions of other users.

We have aided many leading organizations to create dedicated private clouds to manage high-performance systems, like core banking, ERP, CRM, Big Data, and Analytics applications.

By means of our Dedicated Private Cloud services, we assist you to design and deploy a physically isolated cloud environment that backs up only one client and does not go on shared infrastructure.

A dedicated server is a single server where you could rely on a full-fledged server for your business entity on a rental basis. ixoraDC is one of the best-dedicated server hosting providers in India. The whole computing power is allocated to the single customer which is physically isolated from other servers hosted on the internet. In all servers, you can have preinstalled Linux / Windows according to your requirement which you could use on a monthly payment basis. We guarantee you that you would get the cheapest dedicated server hosting in India from a highly reliable service provider.

We at ixoraDC, with a team of highly skilled ITIL Certified and Datacenter management professionals make an assurance of the full management of Hardware/Software. Unless you get on with server management, you may go for managed dedicated service where service uptime would be taken care of.

Features of Dedicated hosting

  • Redundant power supply ( RPS )
  • Root Access to get full control over server resources and hardware.
  • Powerful latest Intel® Processor, hot swap, rack mounted server
  • Raid 5 storage facility
  • No overhead for making a purchase or maintain server equipment.
  • Tier III Datacenter with 99.9% uptime assured.
  • 24/7 Server monitoring and highly skilled tech Support
Dedicted Server

Why ixoraDC for dedicated server hosting?

Top Performance

For database/ERP specific workload dedicated server performs better than a shared or virtualized server (VPS). The application could completely utilize available hardware resources straight without a hypervisor layer putting lesser overhead on server performance.

Customized Hardware

You could customize your hardware as per your need. You could choose the type of CPU like a Quad/Hexa/Octa, customize RAM size, choice of storage space like SATA/SAS/SSD and bandwidth.

Consistent performance

With a dedicated server, there is no sharing of resources with another customer. All resources are dedicated to your application which offers a stable and consistent quality of service. (QOS).

Highly secured

Dedicated servers are physically separated from another customer to get rid of the chance of security breaches through software bugs and vulnerabilities. The server environment is highly secured with a NATed firewall and VLAN.

Shared Server Hosting

Shared Hosting is perfect for getting started online. Built on top of a reliable platform and backed by 24/7 expert support, ixoraDC's Shared Hosting is nice to build a website, get online and scale your business.

Shared Web hosting means that many customer’s websites rely on a single web server, and the server resources (CPU and RAM) are shared among every customer account on the machine. Shared hosting is most beneficial to customers who do not require the flexibility of a Virtual Private Server or the performance of a Dedicated Server as it is very affordable and the cost of server usage and maintenance is shared.

Shared hosting includes:

Domain Manager

Our domain manager facilitates tracking, update, transfer, purchase, and administer all of your domains in one place. Business Pro accounts support unlimited add-on and parked domains, subdomains, and even domestic and international domains.

Resource Manager

Our technology identifies websites by means of excessive resources and temporarily re-assigns them to other systems. This protects your website performance and eliminates the risk normally associated with shared servers.

SSL Certificate

Powered by Let's Encrypt, each SSL Certificate helps to secure the connection between your websites and your visitors. This keeps personal information, e-commerce transactions, and other sensitive data secured.


You could begin with what you require and move to more powerful options as your website expands. Our custom technology lets you upgrade with a few clicks.

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