World-Class colocation at Tier 3 facility

Server colocation or Colo is a data center facility that offers business owners space in the best in class data center premises to host and manage their infrastructure without having their own on-premise data center.

Captive and redundant telecom paths
Easy Access to transport hubs
24x7 physical security with proper surveillance
Office seating space and Conference rooms
Server Colocation

Server Colocation

Server colocation or colo is a data center facility through which a company leases a digital infrastructure for a data center operator. It is really an advantage for a company as it could host and manage its existing infrastructure with the best class data center facility.

ixoraDC’s data center is equipped with many layers of redundancy in terms of physical security, cooling networks, and power which offers our client, high uptime and reliability. ixoraDC is one of the best data centers in India on which you could host your servers with low latency and a better user experience.

  • ixoraDC offers a world-class data center to colocate your servers for your own application, web services, and corporate mail services on high-speed redundant backbones.
  • Fully equipped, state of the art, redundant and secured tier 3 data centres.

Rack space Colocation

Rackspace colocation enables your IT team to focus on more significant business functions and utilize resources for that. It further helps you to avoid capital expenditures on deployment, management, scaling, and maintenance of physical devices.

As ixoraDC provides you power and network being part of rack colocation, customers get flexibility to have 1U/2U or as many U rackspace they need for placing their servers. We offer secured lockable rack cabinets with power and high-speed network connectivity in modular data suites of different sizes to colocate, compute, storage, and network appliances.

All these data suites are facilitated with air conditioning. These digitally secured cabinets are at our disposal being part of a dedicated suite and shared suites as per customer's needs. Single colocation server rack units are most suitable for small colocation needs and it is more affordable. ixoraDC’s half and full private racks are excellent for enterprises that require a high level of scalability, security, power, and capacity. We offer robust upgradable rackspace up to 42 rack units.

Rack Space Colocation

Why ixoraDC Colo?

Performance Speed

Excellent performance and speed

As compared to a single office server room, the colocation center offers access to higher bandwidth and it minimizes the network latency that could improve its efficiency. The servers are located in a cool dust-free ambiance.

Space Efficient

Space efficient & Cost-effective

Earlier colocation service was mainly used in the wake of disaster recovery. The trend has reversed these days and it is widely prevalent among cloud service providers. Since a large amount of capital and space is needed for setting up and maintaining a large in-house facility, many companies rely on colocation services these days.

Secured & Scalable

Secured and scalable

The high level of physical security along with security features such as CCTV and lock cabinet is another outstanding feature of ixoraDC which is not possible for a privately owned data center. It could reduce operating costs with quality and secured service.

Regular Onsite 7& Backup

Regular onsite & back up

We offer regular 24X7 monitoring for your server and services. The support of our core onsite professional team monitor and provide assistance in case of any issues would help to reduce downtime and service interruptions. It is assumed that all issues would be resolved by our 24X7 support team before it interrupts your business operations.

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