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World-class, hyper-scale colocation solutions with unmatched savings on rack & power charges


ixoraDC helps you to drive cost optimization and is equipped with colocation, managed services, cloud, and network solutions. It has the potential to scale up your organization by supporting its portfolios with superior uptime, innovation, and intelligence.

Ixoradc Advantages

Our Advantages

  • Services at affordable rates in various plans as per lease period and requirements.
  • Robust software and hardware system.
  • High system performance by distributing the load across cluster nodes.
  • Manpower to manage data centers and maintenance.
  • Instant scalability based on changes in capacity requirements by customers.
  • Uninterrupted service without any glitch with the support of backup systems.

Our Specifications

Network & Security

ixoraDC offers high speed, performance optimized, reliable and secure network to our customers with multiple redundant ISPs. Network is designed to offer maximum uptime meeting the SLAs. Our datacentre is built with security in mind. We guarantee the most secure infrastructure and network to all our clients. And, if you ever want to add extra security features, we can tailor any of our servers to your specific needs.

Our security is strengthened by multiple layers of firewalls and several other software measures which help in enhancing the security and protection of the datacentre environment. We deliver this to you through a combination of industry-leading tools and technologies, years of domain expertise, and deep investments in innovation and research. We follow the industry best standards in keeping network secure and free from intrusions. Modern day threats are analysed and proactive preventive measures are taken time to time for improved efficiency.

Network & Security

Tier 3 Standards

Ixora DC is a tier 3 ready data centre located at our headquarters in cochin. Our expertise offers three main products which are co-location, dedicated hosting and shared hosting. We maintain proper and industry specified standard cooling and temperature systems. These measures play a huge role in data centres performance and life span. We are full-fledged with various detection and prevention systems which help us to detect the problems before its occurrence.

Some basic specifications of our Tier 3 datacentre are

  • 99.982% uptime
  • No more than 1.6 hours of downtime per year
  • N+1 fault tolerant providing at least 72-hour power outage protection

We offer you the advantage of dual power sources and redundant cooling. Our network streams are fully backed up. Highly skilled engineers armed with world-class tools, systems, and processes will monitor your networks on a 24x7 basis Also, a dedicated NOC centre offering 24x7 support

Tier 3 Standards

Data Backup

Protect your data from any unexpected with most promising backup solutions in industry. You should be fully aware of how important is the data to run your business smoothly, so the smartest move is to have a backup solution tailored according to your business. We offer flexible, highly secure and low-cost options that enables growth of your business. Our solution helps in get you back online on a lightning-fast speed in case of a unexpected happen.

Our objective

  • Provide the customers with 100% secure system
  • Minimize the threats and attacks to your data
  • Take the security leadership and the first choice of customers in hosting
  • Keep the services up with minimum to no downtime


Data Backup

Disaster Recovery

Ixora has its data centre disaster recovery strategy with a wide range of tools and processes which are used to identify, mitigate, and recover from any unexpected key IT services interruption. Our step-by-step plan consists of precautions to minimize the effects of a disaster, so the organization can continue to operate or quickly resume mission-critical functions after the disaster occurrence

Keeping in mind your industry, to keep your business continuity going. Our experts have a clear idea about DR strategy. With redundant infrastructure that ensures high levels of data availability, these facilities can help companies keep their lifeline services up and running even in the event of significant disasters.

Partnering with us can accommodate disaster recovery need. Organizations can protect themselves from the threat of system downtime and keep focused on growing their business rather than worrying about unknown risk factors. We assure you with the best-in-class disaster recovery standards.

Disaster Recovery

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